Revit Tip – Orient to View

We have shared the Orient to View tip in meetings before, BUT there is an aspect to the tool that has thrown me from time to time.

While fresh in my brain, I want to relay this Trick & Tip to all users.

When we are modeling, it is very helpful to have different view types open: floor plans, sections, elevations and 3D views…

Orient to View allows you to select another view. The 3D View moves to the same location as in the view you specify, and a section box is placed around the model that emulates the extents of the selected view.

The Trick & Tip is: that you cannot select a Detail View to Orient to View

You can orient views to Floor Plans, Building and Wall Sections, Elevations and other 3D views.

To the left you see both section and detail callouts. If you want to orient to view to one of the detail callouts, you will need to select the callout and change it to a Wall Section callout.


Open a 3D view.

2. Right-click the ViewCube, and click Orient to View.

Below is the 3D view orientated to the section. Hold down the Shift key and the mouse scroll button to turn the view.

After that you can change the Level of Detail and Visual Style


To turn off the section box, in the Project Browser right-click the view name, and select Properties. On the Properties Palette clear the Section Box check box.

Carla D. Edwards

CAD/BIM Manager

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