Revit Tips & Tricks – – Linework Tool

There of a good number of 3D Objects that you can change the visibility or add the visibility in a view using the Linework tool. Examples below are Architectural uses, but MEP and Structural folks, please share how you might use this tool…

For all 3 flavors of Revit the Linework tool is found under the Modify tab as shown below.

Roof line above – in a floor plan view you by default do not see the line of the roof above, it is beyond our view range. Temporarily in the View Properties change the Underlay to display Roof Level (or appropriate for you project).

Using the Linework tool and setting the Line Style to <Overhead> start picking the roof lines.

Notice the blue drags… if I want to include the peak but not within the building interior, I pick, holding down the left button and pull the blue drag over. Repeat for the other side.

Now change the Underlay back to None. Below I have my desired results showing the roof line above. When the roof extents are modified, these lines update also… they are the roof.

Similar we can see the line of Ceiling Soffits or Clouds above by temporarily change the View Range to cut slightly above the soffit. Use the Linework tool to edit the soffit/cloud edges, then change the View Range back to the original state. Like the roof lines above you see the soffit edges.

Wall below a raised counter – – or Island Countertops that have wall structure below. In plan by default you do not see the wall extents below

Change the View display to Wireframe

In Wireframe you can see the wall below, use the Linework tool… Change the View back to Hidden Line. Now in floor plan the wall extents are represented.

In Stair Sections – – in the stairs beyond my section by default I cannot see the treads. Change the view to Wireframe and use the Linework tool picking the treads beyond and using the blue drags as needed.

In all cases you are efficiently using the model not adding 2D lines that will not stay coordinated.

Carla D. Edwards

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