Call for NCS Project Committee Volunteers

The NCS Steering Committee has formed an NCS Task Team to create a virtual building project using the NCS as the project master. The purpose of this project is to create templates and content using the Standard to improve adoption of Building Information Modeling along with the established United States National CAD Standard and demonstrate the connection between the two.

The Task Team is called the “NCS Wave Task Team.” Our first “Wave” will use Autodesk Revit for the Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical files for our building and Autodesk Civil 3D for all site preparation. We have located a virtual site and created a multi-story, multi-purpose building to show how the NCS can be utilized. When finished we hope to be able to provide these files to NCS subscribers to use as a starting point for NCS implementation on a BIM platform. Long term, our second “Wave” will utilize all of the Bentley Architectural software products to create similar templates and content.

To accomplish this task we are looking for volunteers. We have the basics of our building but need to add content and details. We need volunteers for the following tasks:

1. Create a BIM Execution plan;

2. Create a master Revit project template;

3. Build NCS compliant content for all disciplines;

4. Architectural: We need to build out our building design using Revit Architecture;

5. Mechanical: Using the NCS demonstrate how Mechanical Engineers can utilize the NCS with Revit;

6. Electrical: Using the NCS demonstrate how Electrical Engineers can utilize the NCS with Revit;

7. Structural: Using the NCS demonstrate how Structural Engineers can utilize the NCS with Revit;

8. Plumbing: Using the NCS demonstrate how Plumbing Engineers can utilize the NCS with Revit;

9. Site: Using Civil 3d we want to build out our site with utilities and civil items showcasing the use of the NCS in civil site design.

We will collaborate via a series of web-hosted Revit central files. Collaboration Systems Group is graciously hosting the models for this venture. This is a great opportunity to be a part of the evolution of the NCS and BIM. We are looking for passionate people who would like to be part of this effort and contribute some of their time to this exciting project. We hope you will join us.

If you are interested in being a part of this important endeavor, please send Dominique Fernandez (dfernandez) an email.

from Kevin Busacker