Revit Technology Conference was Big Success!

Revit Technology Conference

After returning from RTC held in Huntington Beach CA, I would like to highly recommend attendance for RTC US 2012! There were whispers that the even might be on the east coast next year. Mark the site on your favorites and keep an open eye for announcements.

I liked that this was specific to Revit and greater opportunity for advanced classes. A far more relaxed atmosphere. I had a great time and returned with “Brain Overload”!

Cadalyst on RTC Crosses the Pacific

It’s quite deliberately a much smaller event than AU, because we seek to foster a sense of intimacy and connection between all of the participants. Even in the long term we don’t want to grow too large, as it’s easy to lose the sense of intimacy — which is a key distinguishing characteristic of this conference series.

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CAD/BIM Manager

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