Revit Families Class – Interested?

I have been teaching a Revit families class out at MCC in Elkhorn on Saturday mornings. The response has been great, and we want to see if there is enough interest to do it again in the Fall. If you know of anyone that might be interested in attending the class between the first week of September until the second week of November can you have them shoot me an email.

The class covers;

  • Introduction to the family editor, family types, categories, geometry creation
  • Reference planes and lines, naming conventions, annotation rules, dimensioning, and constraining
  • Parameters, labeling, family types and formulas
  • Annotation families, line based families
  • Hosted vs. non hosted, materials,
  • Type catalogs and Lookup tables
  • MEP connectors
  • Tags, labels, and title blocks with revision schedule
  • Project parameters and scheduling

Thanks for your help spreading the word, and don’t be shy if you have any questions about the class.

Todd M. Shackelford

BIM Manager