Tips-n-Tricks for Legends and Detail Reference

Legends are the only view type that can be placed on more than one sheet. They are great for things like general notes, key plans or other view types you wish to be consistent across several sheets. You can also place components inside a legend view – doors, walls, windows and so on and they will not appear or be counted in any schedule.

One aspect of Legends has sometimes held be back from using them for door frame or window elevations. When in the Legend View the Section, Elevation and Callout are greyed out. Not wanting to make “dumb tags” I have made regular elevation or drafting views that allowed me to place a detail cut referencing an already created view.

Jim White, Reviteer Extraordinaire at LAD, found a great work-around! In a drafting view make the Section, Detail or Callout referencing the required view. You can then cut and paste it into the Legend. There is always room for human error with this work-around, but like any detail callout referencing another view – double check you have placed the correct detail cut by double-clicking the callout and opening the referenced view. The major bonus us that if and when this detail is relocated, the reference callout will automatically update!!

Thanks Jim for the great tip!!!

Carla D. Edwards

CAD/BIM Manager