Great Hatch Pattern Program – HatchKit 2.7

Check out HatchKit 2.7 by cadro! For the low price of $125 this is a great value!

I was anticipating days (with usual interruptions) to make a .txt file for the below 1/3 running bond and staggered patterns.

Below is another example of how to simply repeat patterns in the program…

Highly recommend using this time saving program! With just a little trial and error, pretty easy to pick up and use…

Carla D. Edwards

CAD/BIM Manager


We would like to invite you to participate in the first annual AEI/ASHRAE Expo on March 7th, 2012.  The event is sponsored by the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  It will be a one day Technical Conference and Expo for professionals and students involved in the building industry.  It will be held at the Scott Conference Center located at 6450 Pine Street in Omaha, Nebraska from 8am to 5pm.

 This event will present an opportunity to engineers, architects, contractors, building managers and owners, interior designers, students and others involved in the building industry to learn about new technologies, applications and methodologies used in design, construction and building operations. 

 Speaker’s applications are now accepted. There will be four topic tracks with 4 to 5 speakers throughout the day.  The tracks will range from “building 101” to advanced techniques and technologies.  There will be ample opportunity to learn something new, whether it is a topic that’s in your career field or a topic you would like to know more about that is related to your career field.  Also, some of the technical presentations will have professional learning credits which will be shown on the application.

 In addition to the technical presentations throughout the day, there will be a large central exposition with product representatives and their products for a wide variety of building materials and technologies.  The Expo will be at the same location as the conference so between sessions you can peruse the latest and greatest products out there for the building industry. Vendor registration will be open soon.

For more information you can visit the website at or email us at  

Thank you and we hope to see you next March!


 The AEI-ASHRAEXPO planning committee

Tips-n-Tricks for Legends and Detail Reference

Legends are the only view type that can be placed on more than one sheet. They are great for things like general notes, key plans or other view types you wish to be consistent across several sheets. You can also place components inside a legend view – doors, walls, windows and so on and they will not appear or be counted in any schedule.

One aspect of Legends has sometimes held be back from using them for door frame or window elevations. When in the Legend View the Section, Elevation and Callout are greyed out. Not wanting to make “dumb tags” I have made regular elevation or drafting views that allowed me to place a detail cut referencing an already created view.

Jim White, Reviteer Extraordinaire at LAD, found a great work-around! In a drafting view make the Section, Detail or Callout referencing the required view. You can then cut and paste it into the Legend. There is always room for human error with this work-around, but like any detail callout referencing another view – double check you have placed the correct detail cut by double-clicking the callout and opening the referenced view. The major bonus us that if and when this detail is relocated, the reference callout will automatically update!!

Thanks Jim for the great tip!!!

Carla D. Edwards

CAD/BIM Manager